DiNnEr PaRtiEs

Welcome to Recipes 2.0.

While it’s fun to troll the internet to gather recipes and curate the perfect dining event, wouldn’t it be easier if someone did that for you? DiNnEr PaRtiEs is focused on full meals, from start to finish, with everything you need to pull off a great dining soirée. Of course you can pick and choose recipes from within each party, but if you want to go the full monty, the recipes contained within each ‘party post’ are intended to pair well with each other, use complimentary ingredients, and can all be done the day-of (or less, with some that can be done in advance). Let’s go beyond perfectly styled food photos and get to the real fun of cooking, hosting, eating and drinking.

All the DiNnEr PaRtiEs are intended for groups of 4 - 6 people, and you can scale accordingly. There are also beverage recommendations, brief introductory notes, and some hosting tips to get you in the mood and demystify hosting a meal for anyone who feels like it’s just. too. much.

Go forth and party…with DiNnEr PaRtiEs!

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