Photo by Jessica Chou

Photo by Jessica Chou

The Gist

This is a space about food, creativity, adventure, and cooking. Food-related experiences are sensory. They can be soothing, transformative, fun, triumphant, inspiring, therapeutic, a reminder of a person or place, or the anchor or creator of a memory, and much more. Food also lends to gathering, whether simple or elaborate, a drunken dinner party or a PB&J shared between friends. Sharing food around the table is one of the purest and most universal joys. These are the ideas conveyed throughout these pages that I hope motivate visitors to think about food and creativity in new ways, with a focus on both gathering around the table as well as thinking beyond, to food's intersection with a wide variety of artistic mediums and forms of creative expression.   

A note about me

My name is Sharon. I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area, and am currently based in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve previously lived in Athens and New York for some years, as well as Paris, Istanbul, and Cape Town for some months. I'm also an immigration lawyer.

I like your vibe, let's do something together

My work broadly includes the list below, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to collaborate.

  • Food writing

  • Food photography and styling

  • Cooking classes

  • Pop-ups

  • Recipe development

  • Curating food components/experiences for commercial and creative events

Recipe Assumptions

For the most part, recipes here can be made with very few tools. The more you cook, the more comfortable and intuitive it becomes, and you can make almost anything without fancy machines or strict measurements. Until recently, I didn't own a stand mixer or a fancy blender, and I don’t have (but want) a food processor. Tools and gadgets are nice, but it's definitely possible to cook a lot without them.

All ingredients here strive to be easily accessible and economical. If there is an unfamiliar term and you want a lengthier explanation or a visual example, well, you’re already online…open a new page and Google it. You can also contact me and I’ll get back to you.

Regarding measurements, nothing here is too strict. When cooking for myself, I typically don't measure anything (but in baking, always measure). Also, be comfortable ‘messing up’, this is the learning process. All recipes here are in US measurements. I assume that anyone exploring these recipes has some basic core pantry items on hand at all times. If this reflects your pantry philosophy, we'll get along just fine.

  • Good quality olive oil for eating, and decent quality olive oil for cooking.

  • Salt and fresh ground pepper on hand, plus nice coarse or flaky sea salt for eating.

  • Nut butters that are just nuts. No added oil/sugar.

  • Good quality vanilla extract or homemade.

  • Fragrant, well-stored dried herbs and spices.

PS what does 'Records in the Den' mean anyway?

I don’t recall the interviewee or the exact context of the conversation, but I was listening to a podcast and someone referred to ‘…just sitting and listening to records in the den…’. I love music and film, and this sentence spoke out to me because the way I feel when I listen to music or watch an exceptional film is akin to the often relaxing or expressive feelings that I have when cooking. When I first started recording my recipes, I would title them like a song or after lyrics I admire. I see cooking and sharing food as experiences and opportunities, and the most beautiful meals, records, films, concerts, and cooking triumphs all recall a certain sense of kinship with each other. Enter, ‘Records in the Den’.

(born September 2016)

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